Catit Smart Sift Sifting Cat Pan

Nobody likes to clean the litter pan, sifting trough all that litter, and mysterious clumps, and that smell.  It has to be the worse part of being an owner of that beautiful  little fur ball, but we seem to all over look that for the love of our little furry.  That’s just the one of the prices we pay for our fur ball.

This cat pan helps make cleaning the litter box a little easier and quicker. Just pull the leaver and the pan inside starts to turn and sift the litter for you and as the pan turns, the waste material falls into a slide out draw ( you can get bags to fit waste draw ) for easy disposal.

Dimensions are 26.6″ X 19.3″ X  18.5″ inches. Suitable for cats of all ages and uses any clumping litter.

Price $81.99                                                                       Check It Out


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