Smelly Sock

I know this sounds pretty gross, but facts are facts, dogs associate with scent.  my dog suffers from separation anxiety and when she was a baby pup, I would put a shirt or something that I had recently worn in her kennel at night, even though her kennel was right by my bed, it still helped her sleep. In fact if I leave her no for longer periods of time, even though she is lifted with some one that I trust, I still leave something with my scent one it.

With Smelly Sock you can help protect what ever piece of clothing you choose to give your dog for that day.  Made with nontoxic velboa fabric, it has Velcro  to help keep you clothes safe in side of it,and also has a squeaker and crinkle material sewn inside.

Smelly Sock also helps give back through it’s partnership with one of the biggest no-kill shelters in the US.

Price $20.49                                                                            Check It Out

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